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Western Feng Shui

It is important to remember that first impressions are everything. How a property looks effects the way a prospective buyer feels about a home. If they do not like the feel, they will not buy it.
Here are 10 key Western Feng Shui tips – that will help you create a home where you will feel supported and inspired and look forward to coming home each day. A place that rejuvenates rather than depletes you. Your own personal sanctuary from the world. 😊🧡🏠

Western Feng Shui offers practical, useful suggestions for creating an inspiring, safe and inviting home. It adapts the centuries-old philosophy and brings it into the modern world. It invites you to find the things that you personally resonate with and place them in strategic places in your home to keep them fresh in your memory and intentions.
Feng Shui promotes simple, practical and useful ways to create a home that will enhance your life.

Make your entryway entrancing- The entryway is considered the mouth of chi where all your opportunities come in. It is also the place you enter. Make it inspiring, add a fresh door mat, colourful pots of flowers on the sides of the door, paint the door the colour you love. This is the first impression others get of who you are and what you have to offer, make sure you are sending the message you want!

Arrange your key pieces of furniture in the empowered position- i.e., where you can see the entrance from where you are sitting or lying but are not in direct alignment with the open doorway. The bed, desk, and place where you spend the most time reading or watching television should always be in this position. If not, you will be spending most of your time feeling disempowered. This reflex comes from the reptilian brain and you will never feel comfortable if you can’t see what is going on in the room.

Hazard-proof your home by removing unfriendly furniture- Anything that you bump your head on, stub your toe or bruise your shins on is unsafe. The message to the reptilian brain is that home is not a safe place to be. Replace sharp-edged furniture with those that have rounded edges and remove from sight anything that is or even looks like a weapon. (i.e., Sharp poker-like curtain finials, knife racks in kitchens, pan hooks extended from the ceiling or walls, razor-edged glass tabletops)

Clutter Clear- Feng Shui promotes that we are energetically connected to everything we own. Having an overwhelming amount of stuff to deal with sucks our energy and brings us down. Our homes are a metaphor for our lives and will always reflect how in or out of balance we are.

Replace or fix anything that is in any kind of disrepair- Care for your home the way you care for yourself. Often if we are not caring for ourselves, our homes reflect this as well. They are a mirror to our inner and outer worlds and if we pay attention will give us profound clues to where our lives are! Mould is also very toxic and needs to be addressed immediately in the home.
Move furniture you spend the most time on away from beams or ceiling fans
Ceiling fans register to the reptilian brain as spinning knives overhead, and beams as a heavy object about to fall on us. Especially move beds, desks and favourite chairs away from under these, or remove the fans all-together. Feng Shui addresses the subtle things in our environment and the belief that they energetically affect us a great deal because of the amount of time we spend there. Consider the analogy of water dripping on a stone … over time a hole is created where the stone once was.

Live with what you love- Remove anything you feel obligated to keep for whatever reason. Update your home to reflect who you are now – not who you used to be. Honour who you are and give yourself permission to surround yourself with things that inspire you and use the things you love rather than saving them for the guests affirming that you are the most important person here!
Bring in Nature- We come from 100,000 generations of ancestors who lived in the natural world. Nature realigns our energy field and makes us feel whole. Therefore, it would make sense that our homes will make us truly feel at home when we bring nature in. Pot plants are ideal.

Update your colour scheme to reflect your current taste and style- Colour has a huge impact on us. We need to surround ourselves with certain colours at certain stages in our lives. Pay attention to how you are responding to colours and the ones you need to surround yourself with now to feel nurtured, happy and inspired.
Create the right amount of activity and rest depending upon the use of the room-Bedrooms are passive spaces and home offices active spaces. It only makes sense that creating an active bedroom is not going to support getting a good night’s sleep and a too relaxing home office will make you want to take a nap instead of getting things done. This is called the concept of Yin and Yang which teaches how to create a balanced home that will support everyone who lives there and the activities that need to be performed in the best possible way.

Feng Shui evokes the centuries-old philosophy of adjusting spaces to create balance and flow. Using some simple home staging, you can improve the overall presentation and feel of your home for you and your potential buyers.

Coralie Reid.


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