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Why Work With Coralie Reid?

Hi, I’m Coralie Reid, and I'm proud to be the most awarded real estate agent in Twizel. I'm part of One Agency, a real estate network that's dedicated to providing clients with a personalised, transparent, and results-driven service.


As a real estate agent with over 8 years of experience, I've sold properties in Twizel, Fairlie, Burkes Pass, Lake Tekapo, Lake Ohau, and Omarama. I've worked with clients on everything from small sections to million-dollar view properties, and I love the variety, space, and serenity that our district has to offer.

What Sets Me Apart

A Proven Negotiator with Your Best Interest in Mind.

Personalised, One-on-One Service

I pride myself on providing personalised service to each and every client. When you work with me, you won't be passed around a team of agents. Instead, I'll work with you one-on-one to understand your unique needs and goals, this guarantees that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Proven Negotiation Skills

As a tough negotiator, I'm committed to getting the best possible outcome for my clients. I'll work tirelessly to ensure that your interests are represented in every negotiation, and that you walk away feeling satisfied with the results.

Process-Driven Approach

I take a process-driven approach to listing properties, which means I pay attention to every detail and work to highlight the best features of your property. My goal is to have your property presented in the best possible way, so that we can find your heart buyer – someone who wants their piece of paradise just as much as you do.

Real Estate with Heart

For me, real estate is about more than just buying and selling properties. It's about creating a positive, rewarding experience for my clients. I align expectations with reality, approach with sensitivity, patience, and persistence, and strive to create a special client relationship with everyone I work with.

Unmatched Results

My commitment to providing personalised, transparent, and results-driven service has led to some incredible results. I'm proud to have been rated through rate my Agent as the No. 1 agent in Twizel since 2020, and to be in the top 20% of agents in New Zealand. My incredible clients and customers have provided their reviews and reassurance is a privilege for me and future clients.

My passion for real estate is what drives me

I love my profession and the people I meet, and I'm committed to delivering solutions that meet my clients' needs. If you're thinking about making a move or investing, I'd love to talk to you. Let's work together to create a real estate experience with heart.

Locally owned and based in the beautiful Twizel, New Zealand


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