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Success Stories 

Feature Properties

I have recently sold a number of noteworthy properties, all of which generated plenty of interest from buyers and achieved impressive results. Our listings are supported by innovative, high-impact marketing and a widely respected brand identity.

We work closely with our vendors to ensure our properties are showcased to perfection. We recommend trusted, cost-effective people who can assist with everything from minor repairs to interior styling, garden maintenance and more significant renovations that will enhance the appeal and ultimately the sale.






In presenting 41 Totara Drive to the market, I employed a strategic and efficient approach. We introduced the property to the market, even before its final completion, to capture the interest of those seeking new build opportunities. In response to the market sentiment in April, we repriced the property, generating renewed interest.

Market Engagement

Our approach garnered significant interest from prospective buyers. A total of 86 buyers received notifications via our "just listed" campaign. The property enjoyed a robust online presence on TradeMe, with an impressive 4,862 views with 65 watchers, indicating strong engagement with the listing.

Buyer engagement blossomed further with an impressive 13 inquiries received. This initial wave of interest translated into 21 viewings via open homes and one-on-one appointments, emphasising the property's broad appeal.


41 Totara Drive delivered remarkable results. In just a few weeks on the market, this property received multiple offers, culminating in a successful sale at 98% of the asking price. This outcome reflects both the competitive nature of the real estate market in Twizel and the effectiveness of our pricing strategy.


This sale was a resounding win-win for both the seller and the buyer, underscoring the dynamic nature of Twizel's real estate market. The property's consistent selling price, coupled with its "new build" appeal, aligned perfectly with other recent sales that also went unconditional in the same month.

If you're curious about how this sale might influence your property's value or require any real estate guidance, I'm available to assist, both now and in the future. My dedication to my clients and my methodical approach continue to yield exceptional results in the competitive Mackenzie region real estate arena. ๐Ÿ 


Market Dynamics

  • This property spent 170 days on the market, first listed in the tail end of Autumn 2023.

  • In response to shifting market sentiment, it underwent a repricing in August 2023, which sparked renewed interest and led to its sale within six weeks.

Marketing Approach

  • The property benefited from a small-scale marketing campaign.

  • A total of 121 potential buyers were notified through the just-listed campaign.

  • It gained significant online traction with 4,217 views and 96 watchers on Trademe.

  • There were 11 initial buyer inquiries, with subsequent follow-ups.

Property Viewing

  • Initial open homes saw seven groups of prospective buyers.

  • There were 13 initial viewings, along with four second inspections, with consideration for rental bookings and the winter market.

Price Adjustment and Offer

  • The pivotal moment came in August 2023 with a strategic price adjustment.

  • Multiple offers were generated within the third week of the price adjustment.

  • Ultimately, one offer was accepted, resulting in a successful sale.

  • Initially listed within an estimated range of $775,000 - $795,000 (Aug 2023), the property sold for $775,000, achieving 97.5% of the asking price.

  • The negotiation included a swift settlement period of 10 days and the inclusion of all chattels for added convenience to the vendors and the benefit of the purchasers.

  • The successful buyer was sourced through TradeMe.

This case exemplifies a property that faced initial market challenges but rebounded successfully with a strategic price adjustment, ultimately delivering a satisfying outcome for both the vendor and the purchaser. ๐Ÿ ๐Ÿงก

If you have any questions about your own real estate journey, feel free to reach out. We're here to help!


Another Successful Sale at 415 Manuka Terrace!

415 Manuka Terrace was a property that truly captivated its audience. With extensive online views and numerous inspections by eager buyer groups, this larger rural lifestyle block offered stunning views that left everyone in awe.

๐ŸŒŸ Medium Marketing Campaign

  • 241 Buyer Notifications to the Market

  • 47 Buyer Enquiries from Our Customer Base & Online Views

  • Extensive Online Views with 378 Watchers on Trademe

  • 11 Private Inspections, plus many more through self-viewing

  • Under Contract in Just 4 Months!

It was clear that this property held a special place in the hearts of potential buyers. However, due to the complexity of the title, a bit of extra time was needed to ensure everything was in order.

๐ŸŽ‰ Sold on September 6, 2023!

A big congratulations to both the seller and the lucky buyer who now have the opportunity to create their own chapter in this remarkable location.

For those considering selling their property, I'm here to make the process as smooth as possible. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you'd like to discuss your real estate needs.


In selling 269 Mackenzie Drive, I approached the task strategically and efficiently. We launched the property on the market on August 25th, 2023, following a one-week pre-launch exclusively to my customer base. Despite it being a small marketing campaign, I made sure the property was positioned effectively to attract potential buyers.

Market Engagement
My approach generated significant interest from potential buyers. A total of 121 buyers received notifications through a "just listed" campaign, and the property had a substantial online presence on Trademe, with 1953 views and 52 watchers, indicating strong engagement with the listing.

Buyer engagement was further demonstrated by the 28 enquiries we received. This initial interest translated into five initial viewings and two-second inspections, showcasing the property's appeal to a broad audience.

The property achieved remarkable results within a short timeframe. In just two weeks on the market, 269 Mackenzie Drive received 2 offers, creating a multiple-offer situation. Ultimately, the property sold for 99% of the asking price, a testament to my effective marketing and negotiation skills.

This sale was a win-win for both the vendor and the purchaser. It highlights the robust real estate market in Twizel and underscores the importance of a comprehensive marketing strategy, including a strong online presence. My dedicated approach, from the pre-launch to the final sale, played a crucial role in achieving this successful outcome.

If you're curious about how this sale might impact your property's value or require any real estate assistance, I'm always ready to help, now and in the future. My commitment to my clients and my strategic approach continue to yield exceptional results in Twizel's competitive real estate market.


Challenges and Approach
The property's attributes were undoubtedly appealing, evident from the extensive online views and the numerous buyer groups that conducted inspections. However, there were certain compliance aspects that needed careful consideration. My approach involved a deep understanding of these intricacies, ensuring all parties were well-informed.

Market Engagement
Despite a smaller marketing campaign, the property managed to garner significant attention. A strategic notification strategy led to 197 buyer notifications sent to the market. The property's online presence was equally strong, resulting in extensive views by potential buyers.

Result and Excellence
The culmination of efforts was an outstanding result that pleased all parties involved. With three offers on the table, the property achieved a commendable 97.72% of the market expectation. Notably, within the context of the last three section town sales in Twizel during August 2023, this sale stood out by achieving the highest sale price.

Superior Outcome
This case exemplifies how a targeted and well-executed strategy, coupled with in-depth market knowledge, can lead to superior outcomes. The property's attributes, coupled with the careful navigation of compliance aspects, culminated in a remarkable achievement for all stakeholders.

But don't just take my word for it. Read the testimonial from the vendor to learn more about their experience working with me.

At 75 Rata Road, it was not just about a transaction; it was about delivering excellence. If you're seeking a real estate partner who is dedicated to your success, let's connect and explore how I can assist you in achieving your property goals. ๐Ÿก


My Approach
Embracing a strategic and comprehensive approach, I embarked on a medium-scale marketing campaign for this property. My focus was on tapping into the property's unique strengths and attributes, creating a compelling narrative that resonated with potential buyers.

Market Expectations
Leveraging a well crafted marketing strategy, I engaged 153 buyers through a "just listed" campaign. The property's online presence was remarkable, with 3822 views on TradeMe and 509 clicks, indicating a strong and consistent interest. The campaign garnered 92 watchers on TradeMe, further affirming the property's appeal. Eleven buyer enquiries were efficiently addressed, fostering an environment of engagement and interest. Despite no open homes, eight initial viewings and three-second inspections showcased the property's allure.

The meticulously calculated efforts culminated in not one, but two compelling offers received. My accurate market evaluation led to an agent's estimated selling range of $600,000 - $629,000 in May 2023. The property sold for an impressive $618,000 on the 11th of August, 2023, an outstanding achievement at 98.25% of the asking price.

My Service
A pivotal factor in the success of this sale was my established customer base, cultivated through previous listings and ongoing engagement. With a strong presence on platforms like TradeMe, I've been working closely with potential buyers since January 2023, building trust and understanding their unique needs. This source of buyer engagement, coupled with my strategic marketing approach, played a pivotal role in achieving exceptional results for my clients.

For unparalleled dedication, market insights, and a strategic approach that translates into successful sales choose Coralie Reid at One Agency Mackenzie.


Turning a Quiet Listing into a Success

My Approach
In a scenario that required a delicate touch, proactive problem-solving, and dedicated collaboration, I harnessed my expertise as a real estate professional to navigate challenges and transform a quiet listing into a success story.

Market Expectations
The initial plan was to relaunch the property in full market mode during Spring 2023, complete with a fresh coat of paint and a Council Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) in hand. My strategy involved addressing compliance updates and working closely with the Council to ensure a smooth and compliant process.

The outcome exceeded expectations. Through effective collaboration and communication, a buyer already in my network came forward, resulting in a synergy that not only expedited the sale but also eliminated the need for a full repaint. The existing paint was thoughtfully retained as a chattel, for the new owner to give the property a refresh if required.

My Service
The Vendor's perspective sheds light on my commitment:

"Due to health problems I had no option but to sell my property in Twizel I gave the job to Coralie Reid.

There was an outstanding building consent that needed to be seen so Coralie was able to work with the council to gain a code of compliance. The first offer received was not acceptable and so I decided to take the property off the market but left the property listed with Coralie she kept on working towards a sale.

Her continued effort ended up achieving a sale for me at an acceptable price.

I can recommend her to any prospective buyer or seller in total confidence that she will put in a total effort to achieve a sale."

This case study exemplifies my approach of personalised dedication, proactive communication, and meticulous planning to deliver exceptional outcomes for my clients. For a real estate experience marked by commitment and success, I invite you to contact me today. Your unique story could be the next chapter in my portfolio of successes.


My Approach
For the sale of 31 Maryburn Road, I adopted a comprehensive and proactive approach that aimed to showcase the property's unique features while addressing any compliance aspects. Utilising my extensive market knowledge and insights, I crafted a tailored marketing campaign that would attract potential buyers and present the property in the best light.

Market Expectations
With a medium marketing campaign, we managed to generate significant interest in the property. The 17 open home attendees and 19 buyer inspections demonstrated the strong appeal of this listing. While three groups decided to secure alternative properties in 2023, the five second inspection indicated genuine interest from prospective buyers. Additionally, I reached out to 136 customers through buyer alerts, ensuring that the property was on the radar of potential purchasers.

After several near-close calls, we successfully secured an offer for the property. The listing, which coincided with the Christmas season, culminated in a successful sale on 7th August 2023. Achieving 98% of the revised asking price, this result was a testament to the property's appeal and the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

My Service
Throughout this process, I was dedicated to delivering exceptional service to both my vendors and purchasers. My commitment to understanding the compliance aspects and effectively communicating them to interested buyers contributed to the successful outcome. This sale was a collaborative effort, with my vendors showing patience and responsiveness to market feedback. The excellent result achieved reflects the combined efforts of all parties involved.

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks go out to my vendors for their trust and cooperation, as well as to the purchasers who shared my vision for this property.


My Approach
For the property at 3 Cirrus Place, Omarama, my approach was to create a marketing strategy that would attract both families and holiday home seekers. I leveraged my existing customer base and utilized online reviews to generate universal appeal for the property.

Market Expectations
Despite being in a competitive market, I set realistic market expectations for the property. With a medium marketing campaign, the property received significant exposure on various platforms.

The property was on the market for 59 days, during which it garnered impressive online traction. It received 2,573 views on, with 29 watchers, and 266 views on Additionally, there were 89 buyer notifications expressing interest.

My Service
Throughout the process, I provided dedicated service and expert advice to both buyers and sellers. The result was exceptional - an offer received at 98% of the market expectation, delivering a successful outcome for all parties involved.


My Approach

  • A medium marketing campaign was launched with a just-listed & price adjustment campaign that notified 106 potential buyers.

  • We received 26 buyer enquiries, which were cross-matched to ensure the best possible matches.

  • There were 17 group inspections that took place, which included open homes and appointments.

  • We worked closely with a group that viewed the property twice, and we achieved an offer around their timeframe, which required follow-up and communication updates between all parties.

Market Expectations

  • Agents estimated the selling range to be $850,000 - $899,000.

  • Days on the market were 5 months with one price adjustment in marketing.

  • We received excellent feedback from the market about the property's presentation.


  • The property was sold for $860,000 on the 14th of March 2023 which was 96% of the original market expectation.

  • The vendor received a 10-day conditional offer that met their settlement requirements for their next chapter.

My Service

  • I helped the vendor navigate the market changes and provided advice throughout the process.

  • The vendor was happy with the result, and I was thrilled to be their One-derful Agent.


My Approach
Being an existing holiday home under property management, the property was already in excellent condition, requiring no additional preparation for listing. Recent updates to curtains and duvet covers enhanced its overall appeal, ensuring a great first impression for potential buyers.

Market Expectations
To attract the right buyers, we executed a targeted marketing strategy and a medium marketing campaign. We notified 150 potential buyers through a just listed campaign and cross-matched 24 buyer enquiries, generating significant interest. Within the first week, we conducted 4 group inspections, maximising exposure and engagement.

The property's popularity extended beyond its physical attributes. Extensive holiday bookings made buyer engagement challenging, but we were proactive in coordinating viewings on specific dates, both through communications and personal calls. Our dedication paid off when we received an offer from a group that specially arranged to view the property within 10 days of listing.

Sale Outcome
The property achieved a remarkable sale price of $615,000 on 20th March 2023, aligning perfectly with our initial estimated selling range of $590,000 - $615,000. The sale concluded with a smooth three-week settlement, securing a successful outcome for all parties involved. We achieved 100% of the market expectation, further exemplifying our commitment to excellence in the real estate process.

My Approach:

Taking on the property after six months of prior marketing, I implemented a fresh approach to attract potential buyers. Leveraging the power of One Agency's network and strategic marketing tactics, we aimed to achieve a swift and successful sale after just 7 days on the market!

Market Expectations:

To create maximum exposure for the property, we conducted one open home and proactively notified 133 potential buyers through a just listed campaign. Our targeted efforts resulted in three buyer enquiries, with one buyer showing a keen interest through a second inspection.


After 12 months of dedicated collaboration with a loyal customer, who had viewed 19 properties with me previously, we received an offer from them. Having successfully sold properties for this customer before, mutual trust and understanding played a significant role in the decision-making process.

My Service:

My estimated selling range of $500,000 - $539,000 aligned closely with the final sale price of $500,000, secured on 15th December 2022. Achieving 93% of the market expectation, the offer was unconditional, allowing for a seamless transaction with conditions met and settlement completed within one week.

Through my commitment to personalised service, strategic marketing, and loyal customer relationships, I ensured a smooth and successful sale for the property, exemplifying our dedication to exceeding market expectations.

My Approach: 13 Days on the Market

Implementing a strategic approach, we listed the property for sale and embarked on an efficient marketing campaign to attract potential buyers. With a focus on maximising exposure and generating interest, we aimed for a swift and successful sale after just 13 days on the market.

Market Expectations:

Based on our expert analysis, we estimated the property's value to be within the range of $610,000 - $635,000. However, given the strong demand and interest, we opted to market the property with an "Offers Over" price of $619,000.


  • Multiple Offers and Exceeding Expectations

Within a short period, the property garnered significant interest, leading to three viewings and two-second inspections. We received two offers, reflecting the desirability of the home.

Sale Price:

The property's final sale price exceeded our expectations, reaching an impressive $640,500 on 15th December 2022.

My Service:

Securing an outstanding 103% of the market expectation, we facilitated a seamless and timely transaction with a five-day offer in conditions. Completing the sale within one week allowed for a pre-Christmas settlement, ensuring a smooth transition for all parties involved.

Through our proactive marketing efforts, strategic pricing, and commitment to delivering exceptional results, we achieved a remarkable outcome, exemplifying our dedication to surpassing market expectations.

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