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Success Stories 


My Approach:

  • A medium marketing campaign was launched with a just-listed & price adjustment campaign that notified 106 potential buyers.

  • We received 26 buyer enquiries, which were cross-matched to ensure the best possible matches.

  • There were 17 group inspections that took place, which included open homes and appointments.

  • We worked closely with a group that viewed the property twice, and we achieved an offer around their timeframe, which required follow-up and communication updates between all parties.

Market Expectations:

  • Agents estimated the selling range to be $850,000 - $899,000.

  • Days on the market were 5 months with one price adjustment in marketing.

  • We received excellent feedback from the market about the property's presentation.


  • The property was sold for $860,000 on 14.3.2023, which was 96% of the original market expectation.

  • The vendor received a 10-day conditional offer that met their settlement requirements for their next chapter.

My Service:

  • I helped the vendor navigate the market changes and provided advice throughout the process.

  • The vendor was happy with the result, and I was thrilled to be their One-derful Agent.

  • Great presentation: As an existing holiday home in property management, no additional preparation was required for listing. (Curtains and duvet covers were recently updated)

  • Medium marketing campaign:

    • 150 buyers notified through just listed campaign.

    • 24 buyer enquiries cross-matched.

    • 4 group inspections within the first week.

    • Extensive holiday bookings, buyer work was fundamental to get groups through on specific dates, this was in all coms out to buyers and in calls.

  • 1 offer from a group that made the mission to view around the viewing schedule.

  • Agents estimated selling range: $590,000 - $615,000.

  • Sale price: $615,000 on 20.3.2023.

  • Achieved 100% of the market expectation with a 10-day conditional offer in conditions & three-week settlement.

  • 7 Days on Market with One Agency after 6 months of previous marketing

  • Medium Marketing campaign

  • 1 Open Home, 133 buyers notified through just listed campaign

  • 3 Buyer enquiries, 1 Second inspection

  • 1 offer from a loyal customer I've been working with for 12 months, who has viewed 19 properties previously, and for whom I've sold properties before

  • Agents estimated selling range $500,000 - $539,000

  • Sale Price $500,000 on 15.12.2022

  • 93% of market expectation, unconditional offer with conditions & one week settlement.

  • 13 Days on the Market

  • Medium Marketing campaign

  • No open home, 153 buyers notified through 'Just Listed' campaign

  • 6 Buyer enquiries

  • 3 Viewings & 2 Second inspections

  • 2 offers

  • Agents estimated selling range $610,000 - $635,000, but went to market as offers over $619,000

  • Sale Price $640,500 15.12.2022

  • 103% of market expectation, 5 day offer in conditions & one week settlement for pre Christmas.

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